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Rules for all of them:
(dont worry i wont rly enforce any of these)
1.- You have to post these rules
2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them
3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4.- Choose 13 people 
5.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people. 
6.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
7. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
9. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
10. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

Thirteen times me
1. I am seriously considering transforming myself into a real life Tolkien dwarf. I have the right height and body hair at least!
2. Even tho I am constantly busy and/or tired, I spend alarming amount of time on Tumblr. My social life went through the roof with Tumblr. God bless that forsaken pit of darkness and sorrow.
3. I am always a slut for stuffed animals. If people don´t know what to give me for birthday or so, they canot go wrong with a stuffed animal. It´s an obsession.
4. I´ve been permanently stressed for the last two years and I´m gonna be stresed for another two.
5. I used to read a loooot and now I don´t read at all and it pisses me off.
6. I´m afraid to fall in love, because when I fall, I fall hard. Like... way too hard.
7. I suffer from social anxiety, depression, phone fear, panic attacks in crowds and when confronted alone with other people. I am basically dysfunctional when it comes to socializing. Yay for me.
8. I´ve never ever dyed my hair in those twenty years of my life. Not once. I would love too, but I have a nice natural color, very dark, almost black, which is not that usual in this area, people usually assume that it´s dyed or that I´m part Asian, so I don´t want to lose it.
9. I am able to survive only on corn flips for days. I am addicted to them, like to chocolate or so...
10. My parents want me to study,. they are willing to feed me and dress me and pay stuff for me, but I still feel like a freeloader.
11. Also my family is nuts. Every sngle one of them, including me, we are the nuts family.
12. I wanna hug so many famous people it´s getting creepy.
13. I tend to jump from one thing to another, as you´ve probably noticed. Also my mood swings are fun.

13 Questions!
1. Favorite superhero?
Wow, this is actually pretty difficult. But let´s say Tony. Iron Man is fun and hot and he´s a rich bitch, so yeah... but as I said, this is difficult.
2. How about animal?
If it´s not an insect or considered to be an insect even tho it is not an insect (you know, like spiders and stuff), I usually like it. I cannot really think of a non-insect-ish animal I wouldn´t like.
3. Dream home?
Moderately big, moderately light, cozy, in a calm part of some nice city or somewhere near a nice city. White windows.
4. What do the arts mean to you?
When I do arts, I am myself. When I look at other people´s arts, I can see them being themselves. Art is about expression for me.
5. Your favorite show currently airing?
We Bare Bears. And I´m getting ready for another season of Galavant.
6. What art program/writing program/traditional tools do you usually use?
When I write, I use the usual writing programs installed - Office or Word. For pictures it´s 99,9% traditional - crayons, watercolors, pencils, atc.
7. What inspired you to do what you do?
You mean like art? Tolkien and fellow tolkienartists. And if you mean life, than some loser probably, because so far it´s a disaster.
8. Any bizarre tastes in food?
Not exactly, but once I´ve had salami with a marmalade and it was yummy.
9. What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I would say "nyooooooooooooooom" but I´m not sure, maybe more "oooooo", biology isn´t my thing really. (And now I wanna watch Monty Pythons, great.)
10. What video game character would you like to be?
Pacman probably.
11. WAT?
12. Any webcomics you enjoy? (this includes fanmade as well as original, posted on any site)
I honestly enjoy making my own. Tiny!Dracula and tiny!Van Helsing :3
13. Best Gem? (or just your favorite mineral if you're not a SU fan)
I haven´t seen much from SU yet, but I like Amethyst. And I like amethyst as a regular mineral as well, so win win.

Okay, now my questions...
1. Are you sometimes afraid you´re gonna be reincarnated as an ant? Or a slug? Or a homophobe?
2. Are you a coffee person?
3. How many current crushes do you have?
4. What´s the coolest thing from your childhood you remember?
5. Would you rather have your favourite celebrity marry you and love ´til the end of the world or free ice cream for the rest of your life?
6. Speaking of ice cream, which flavour is your favourite?
7. Are you bored already?
8. The last song you´ve been playing on repeat until you´ve grown to hate it?
9. Favourite movie and why?
10.Character with whom you identify the most?
11. Do you believe Totoro is actually God of Death?
12. Do you swear a lot, because I do, do you?
13. When will the world end according to you?

Taggy taggy!
you know what just everyone. I don´t socialize here much, so...


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Moi Keiniku Sang
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Czech Republic
Live on a small continent, in a small country, in a small village, in a small house. Have a big heart, ENORMOUS fantasy, huge dreams.

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